NLP / Data engineer


StockStory is a VC funded B2C SaaS platform that algorithmically generates articles providing general investment advice for retail stock investors. We help our users find great stock picks, do in-depth research, and stay up to date with companies they care about. Our product is powered by quant models tailored to retail investor needs, and the analysis results are automatically turned into actionable, full-feature narratives.

We have a distribution partnership with Apple and our analysis is now by default present in every iPhone in the US through the native Stocks app, alongside companies like Reuters, CNBC or The Street.

About the Role:

We’re looking for a full-time NLP / data engineer with interest in financial markets. You will be enabling retail investors to access insights previously attainable only by hedge funds by designing, implementing and running data processing pipelines. Quality of your work will have a direct impact on the profits of our customers. Help us scale the product to cover all publicly traded companies while maintaining a high level of confidence in our data.

The role is hybrid - regular presence in Prague, Czech republic is required. This is not a fully remote position.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Work with financial documents and design algorithms which will turn unstructured texts into structured data

  • Design, implement and run data processing pipelines

  • Bake-in data integrity heuristics

  • Help equity analysts implement quantitative models

  • Write reusable, efficient and testable code

  • Improve tooling, automations and streamline the development process

  • Learn new technologies, programming and product development techniques

What we expect from you

  • Previous exposure to NLP in production

  • Understanding of quirks of data pipelines

  • Interest in stock market investing and willingness to learn about financial metrics and data

  • Startup, ownership and growth-oriented mentality

What we will be thrilled to see (but it’s fine if we won’t)

  • Machine learning knowledge

  • Previous experience with Prefect, Apache Airflow, Apache Beam or Apache Spark

  • Proficiency in other programming languages (we use TypeScript on backend)

What can you expect from us?

  • Your impact on the whole product and the company will be substantial. As one of the early hires you will get enough space to build incredible things.

  • You will get meaningful equity in the company and competitive pay.

  • You will work with colleagues in three different continents. We work mostly remote, however we like to meet in person. We grow our engineering team in Prague. Our offices are at Karlovo namesti.

  • We like functional programming. Our tech stack contains Python, spaCy, LARK grammar, TypeScript, React, fp-ts, Node.js, PostgreSQL, GitHub, AWS, Terraform

  • We contribute to open source projects and encourage our engineers to do so.

  • We are constantly discussing stock market development. It doesn’t matter if you have no previous exposure to trading. You can learn from investors with many years of experience.

  • We prefer excited fast learners with less experience over decades of experience and no drive. You will be working with a team that has previously built successful AI products in the finance and cybersecurity space.

Reach out to if you would like to work with us.